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a daily reminder that a Klan-backed, misogynist, internet troll is our new president.

This poster is a daily reminder that the world we’re living in isn’t supposed to be this way. As Jon Oliver said “Donald Trump is not normal, he’s abnormal. He’s a human ‘What is wrong with this picture?’…remind yourself that this is not normal…because a Klan-backed, misogynist, internet troll is about to become president.” It’s on each and every one of us to enact change. Not simply a share or a hashtag but to make real, meaningful change and never ever become complacent.

So let’s remind ourselves THIS IS NOT NORMAL! Put it up in your home, your office or the middle of your town!

Proceeds from all poster sales go to benefit The Natural Resource Defense Council.



Poster Details
14” x 22” three color letterpress. *Note each poster is unique and will look slightly different*
Printed in the USA! 

$15 + Shipping
To order, email me how many posters you’d like and where to ship them and I’ll follow up with either PayPal or Venmo details.