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Standard Farms | Brand Creation


I partnered with one of the first medical marijuana growers in Pennsylvania — Standard Farms to build their brand from the ground up and help bring them to market. We started with a two part project: 1. Design a graphic system that made it extremely easy for patients understand. 2. Position Standard Farms as a market leader for innovation.


We began with the elements of farming sun, earth and water.

sun earth water.png

And built the logo around that icon.

SF logo on blue.png

We designed a simple icon system to help patients easily find the formulation that's right for them.
Each icon represents the feeling the product will give you.

our system.png

The packaging line takes it’s inspiration from coffee bags.

product lineup.png


We then positioned Standard Farms as a modern company built on innovation.

Grown Modern- mountains.png
Grown Modern w pot.png